Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Post


I'm so excited to get started with my first "official" post about my Avon Business. I'd like to introduce you to my facebook page, www.facebook.com/AvonLadyLEH and you can follow me on www.twitter.com/AvonLadyLEH.

A little about me... I started selling Avon 3 years ago with the down turn of the economy to help me offset my salary. I was glad I started and have been able to bring in some extra cash. My mother sold Avon in the 90's, so I knew how great their products were. I have fallen in love with the Anew Genics night cream and love how it feels. There are so many other products that I love and they are always adding more.

Did you know that Avon just added a new children's line called Tiny Tillia? They have the cutest things in there for kids up to 2 years old. Check out their website at http://bit.ly/TinyTillia_AvonLadyLEH.

And how about mark.? You'll find mark. products listed in each Avon brochure. The mark. Magalog is a fashion magazine like no other! See the latest one on-line by visiting my on-line store at http://bit.ly/MyAvonLadyLEH and clicking on "Shop Now", then click on "ebrochure" to see all the different brochures/flyers including the mark. Magalog.

So, tell me... When was the last time you saw an Avon Brochure? If it's been a while, you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the wonderful things that Avon has to offer!

It's more than Lipstick. Just check out the video that highlights all that Avon has to offer for Campaign 6!

What's new in this brochure? Well, there are some great Easter Items. Just take a look at this video of Frankie the Frog and Catie the Chick!

Want to see more videos? Check out my YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/AvonLadyLEH

I hope to add more functions here in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back to visit.

Christina Gilbert
Avon Independent Sales Representative
(740) 415-AVON


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